Foodie Scenes in Get On Up, The James Brown Story

Get on upGet On Up is full of great soul music that will make you twitch in your seat. The choreography was sublime. While watching I felt like I was really seeing James Brown, which is a testament to the skillful acting of Chadwick Boseman who brought the icon back to life in the funkiest way possible. Chadwick’s moves and groove are very much worth experiencing.

The food is at a minimum, but there was some. The first scene below features a Catfish Basket and some beautiful fluffy biscuits. The catfish looked tasty. It was golden and appeared to be crispy; just enough to spark my imagination. The second scene below, shows off a southern feast of : Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Corn Bread and don’t forget the Sweet Tea. For that reason, Get On Up has made it to the Fellini’s Kitchen blog.

Get on up2

Get on up3

See other cast members below

  1. Chadwick Boseman (James Brown)

    Chadwick Boseman

    James Brown
    Octavia Spencer (Aunt Honey)

    Octavia Spencer

    Aunt Honey
    Viola Davis (Susie Brown)

    Viola Davis

    Susie Brown
    Nelsan Ellis (Bobby Byrd)

    Nelsan Ellis

    Bobby Byrd
    Dan Aykroyd (Ben Bart)

    Dan Aykroyd

    Ben Bart

The Hundred Foot Journey, a Feast for the Soul

hundred foot journey14It is official, I am in love with this movie.  Lasse Hallstrom has done it again! The Hundred Foot Journey is not just delicious food, it’s not just classic France or opulent India and breathtaking cinematography; It’s a sweet and compelling story about proud “culturally” defined people, leading  deliciously dramatic and enticingly authentic, dedicated lifestyles.

As a cultural tourist and movie foodie, this movie spoke to every cell in my body. I can not say it enough, I love, love, love this movie. It is fantastic and entertaining and that is what I want in a movie like this. It was like a two hour vacation.  I get more than enough ugly stuff on the news every day!

So what about the food?  Word has it that “Top Chef Masters” winner Floyd Cardoz is the mastermind behind much of what we see on film and without the use of a food stylist. Cardoz came up with the omelet spiced with coriander and the boeuf bourguignon infused with ginger, Aleppo pepper and cumin. According to Cardoza, this is real food. The food is amazing from the first scene until the very last, this movie delivers the food.  Here is just a taste:

DirectorLasse Hallström
ScreenplaySteven Knight
Story byRichard C. Morais
Music composed byA. R. Rahman

Helen Mirren (Madame Mallory)

Helen Mirren

Madame Mallory
Manish Dayal (Hassan Haji)

Manish Dayal

Hassan Haji
Charlotte Le Bon (Marguerite)

Charlotte Le Bon

Om Puri (Papa)

Om Puri


Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg’s The Hundred Foot Journey starts soon

It is time for a cinematic treat. Lasse Halstrom the director of Chocolat is back!!!!! The Hundred Foot Journey is going to stir things up but good. Get ready movie foodies.  Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg are both tied to this film as Producers. I have high hopes.


The Hundred Foot Journey - See the trailer here

Chef is the must see movie of 2014

06082014 Chef 2The irresistible movie Chef has me so excited; it is a real foodie movie.  This slice of life film has it all: great characters, awesome food, a wonderful story line, travel and gorgeous actors ( , , ,and  and actresses ( and ).06082014 Chef 3

Writer, producer and yes lead actor Jon Favreau strikes just the right chord in this foodie movie love song.  The movie is soulful yet funny as heck. If that is not enough, this movie was classy enough to give the Food Stylists their due credit as so many do not. The Food Stylist was Melissa McSorley and the Assistant Food Stylist was  Nancy Goodman Iland.  Great work ladies.

Lets talk about the food.  One of the things I liked most about the movie was the way food was used  to map milestones  on the lead character Chef Carl Casper’s journey to his authentic cooking flavor; a concept akin to a musicians looking for their sound or  writers looking for their voice. Chef was being held back by a boss who was comfortable producing beautiful, edible but uninspired and pretentious, go with the flow, haute cuisine standards (i.e. caviar eggs, seared sea scallops and molten lava cakes). His heart craved more but his job demanded less.  By the time the movie wrapped up, I had experienced Chef’s journey through, the savory Floridian,flavors of  mojo Cuban pork, the spicy creole bite of New Orleans cuisine  and the unmistakable smokey satisfaction of Texas barbecue; what a delicious ride. I know because I’ve eaten at each one of the restaurants he visited, Versailles in Miami, FL, DuMonde’s in New Orleans, LA and Franklin’s in Austin, TX .

i sure hope you like the movie as much as I did.  In the meantime here are a few recipes to help you do the “Chef” thing at home. Chow for now!

Links for Chef recipes

Pasta aglio e olio

Grilled Garlic Prawns

Here is a recipe for great Cuban sandwiches.


Finally for those of you who like a sweet finish here is a recipe for  Molten Lave Cake.

Here Comes The Boom – 2012 Has Coq Au Vin In It!

here comes the boomHi all it’s me Stacey”The Movie Foodie” Moore and I am weighing in on the movie Here Comes The Boom.  In the movie Kevin James (who I think is so funny) is a teacher with a few issues, who steps up to the plate when times get tough for the school.   Normally a movie like this would not catch my interest but I was channel surfing one day and got pulled in by a foodie scene.  In the scene, his friend or brother,( not sure who the character is) prepares Coq Au Vin and it looked great so I found the next showing and watched the whole movie.  Surprise, surprise, it was a fun movie to watch.  By the end I was officially having a good time.  Great for the whole family.

There is a lot of good food here worth mentioning:  See recipes below.

Coq Au Vin, Chili, Lettuce Wraps, Meat Balls and Rigatoni, Caesar’s Salad and a Cherry Cheese Cake that I can not forget.  There was more but a lot of it was out of focus so I could not figure out what it was.

Here is a link for the trailer  - Here Comes The Boom

I am Stacey ” The Movie Foodie”  Moore and that’s a wrap!

If you liked the movie let me know.  Also, is this movie worthy of a Foodie Film or Food In Film Status?

Are you a Movie Foodie?

Is anyone out there?

SoleFellini’s Kitchen is all about getting Movie Food information into the hands of people who will enjoy the information most.  My posts have been sporadic at best I know.  Part of my challenge is not knowing if I am talking to myself or if I am talking to others who really enjoy movie food.

If you can, please leave a comment and let me know what you want to know about movie food.  I really do have a wealth of information to share along with a passion for the over all topic.

Also, I want to know what you know about the whole fabulous area as well. Someone, Please, talk to me.  Lol


Stacey “The Lonely Movie Foodie :( ” Moore

Haute Cuisine is a real Foodie Movie on Netflix now

Haute Cuisine is a delectable recount of one woman’s journey to culinary perfection while cooking in the private kitchen of the president of France. This movie proves that,”a woman’s place is in the kitchen, if that’s what she wants.”

In spite of the fierce male competition Hortense, (Catherine Frot) a very talented


cook who loves preparing authentic French Cuisine reigns supreme.

I am just going to say it.  Haute Cuisine is a real foodie movie and I am happy to induct it into my personal Foodie Movie Hall of Fame.

There are at least four recipes I will look for right away:

1) Salmon in Savoy Cabbage, 2) Filet en croute 3) Cuddle Fish and Seafood with a Fume Blanc  4) Fruit of the Forrest Pie with Grannies Cream,  she actually give us the directions for this one.

The Food Stylist for this really tasty movie is Gérard Besson.

Have you seen this movie?  What are your favorite recipes?  feel free to share.


The Grand Budapest Hotel is a Banquet of: Fun, Imagination and Food!

Wes Anderson’s Film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” with it’s weighty all star cast, is just plain fun.  

gbhThe movie is full of belly laughs that you never see coming.  Exemplifying the elegant days of a bygone era of European glamour seems to be the main plot here.  You will simply love this adventure as Gustav H ( ) and his Lobby Boy, Zero () set out to survive with an air of panache.  With that said, what about the food?

There was food.  Much like the movie itself, the food was almost cartoon-ish in it’s grandiosity.  Two things I have to admit here: 1) it was hard to watch for the food because the movie was so captivating and  2) The  description of the food being ordered was in most cases more fun to imagine than to actually see on screen.

dinner gbhThe menu as I captured it  and confirmed via Fox Searchlight was: Gruel , Salad, Rabbit, Duck roasted w/ olives. Lamb and potatoes and  Mendel’s Courtesan au Chocolat (pate a choux, chocolate custard, buttercream, candied pecans).The exception was the Courtesan au Chocolate which I can not wait to make. See instruction video below

Here is a real treat I found on YouTube – Step by step instructions for creating Grand Budapest Style Courtesan au Chocolate – the adorable pastries in the movie

Movie Foodies, based on the menu, I think we can do better visual representations.  I can’t help but wonder if there were amazing shots of the food that ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor. Oh well,  this movie really had the potential to satisfy my movie food cravings but in the end, I was left with more imaginings than satisfaction.  Good thing for me imaginings can be the playground for great fun!

This is your favorite “Movie Foodie” saying, ” The Grand Budapest Hotel is bloody good fun!”



The Single Moms Club Exemplifies the Benefits of Teamwork

Single Moms

The Single Moms Club is a new movie by Tyler Perry. In this heart warming story, 5 single moms from different walks of life are brought together by the Principal of their children’s school to organize and host a fundraiser. She (the Principal) unwittingly tells the ladies to work together as a group.  We all know that groups don’t get anything done. Lol  The truth is a Team has a common goal and each member is committed to the end result.  Groups on the other hand are just people who are in the same place. Being a single mother I understanding the value of other single mothers. When my children were young, I was a member of my own Single Moms Club.  We were such a progressive team, that even single women with no children wanted to be in our club. Guess who did most of the cooking?  Lol

I like this movie even though there really wasn’t much food.  One thing I found really, really funny is that the ladies always had a cheese tray or fruit and cheese to go with their wine.  during their team building pow wows. It reminded me of the old quip, ” You want some cheese to go with your whine?” Used when someone is doing a lot of whining (men or women). Lol

The Cheese Tray actually is a very appropriate offering when a new team assembles.  It is symbolic, I think of all of the different flavors, textures and aromas coming together with a common foundation (I am talking about the tray or plate).

One of my favorite movie  Fruit and Cheese pairings comes from the movie Babette’s Feast (food stylist the amazing Paulette Tavormina).

Here are some good ideas to recreate these trays

Cheese: The Drunken Goat, French Morbier, Pleasant Ridge, St. Andre, Comte Gruyere, Pont L’Eveque .

Fruit: Persimmon, Mandarins, Apples, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Papaya, Green and Black Grapes, Pineapple.

What ever you decide, make sure to: mix up the flavors, be bold and build high.


For Women’s History Month FK Salutes “Reel” Movie Foodies

Food Stylists Make Foodie Movies Worth Watching

susan spungen_bookEvery now and then, there is a scene in a movie that leaves your mouth watering. I’m not talking about the ones with some sexy actor or actress. I am talking about the ones with the ,”OMG, that looks so good” food scenes, Like the “Eat” sequence in Eat, Pray, Love by one of the industries major Food Stylist’s Susan Spungen who is also the foodie genius behind the decadent delights in, It’s


Complicated and the mega foodie hit, Julie and Julia. Find out more about Susan on her blog

Paulette Tavormina

There is the artistically rustic yet opulent dinning scene in Babette’s Feast by the incredible Paulette Tavormina. Paulette who is very talented as a food stylist is also a very well known and highly celebrated photographer.  Learn more about Paulette Tavormino on her blog.


Lee Anne Wong


How about the beautiful deserts in the movie, No Reservations? All were the lovely creations of Chef Consultant and credited Food Stylist Lee Anne Wong a former TopChef contestant.


These are just a few of the women the women who are behind the scenes working hard to entertain you as well as leave you hungry for more. The next time you see great food in a movie, stick around for the credits and see who got the Food Stylist credits.  Be sure to share, here at Fellini’s Kitchen.